Fischerville School (Gibson Township)

Gibson Jt. 7S-River View
written by Ruby Skarda

Fischerville SchoolThe last school district set up in the township of Gibson was Gibson Joint 7. The district has land in the townships of Gibson, Mishicot and Kossuth. It originally was. part of Gibson No. 1, Gibson Jt. 3, Kossuth 5, Kossuth 1, Kossuth Jt. 1 and Mishicot Jt. 4. A casual glance at the district boundary lines will indicate what is meant by a gerrymandered district, since few political lines were followed in setting up the school district in 1914. There seemed to be several reasons for the creation of this new school district. The remoteness of some families from the existing schools seemed to be the main reason.

It is a historical fact that there was a Gibson District No. 7 in another part of the township of Gibson. The school history of Jambo Creek, Gibson Jt. 3, reveals the fact that that district was Gibson Jt. 7, joint with Mishicot, from the time of its organization until about the year 1874 when that district became Gibson Jt. 3. From 1874 on up to 1914 there was no Gibson Jt. 7.

On the sixth day of June, 1914, a meeting was called by Joseph Peroutka at his home for the purpose of organizing a new school district, of electing district officers, and of transacting other necessary matters pertaining to the establishment of the new school. The meeting was well attended and much business was transacted.

At the first meeting at the Peroutka home, the first school officers were elected. They were Clerk Joseph Peroutka, Director John Bouda, and Treasurer John Fischer. It was decided also to build the school house on one acre of land to be purchased from Joseph Kronforst who lived on the farm now owned by Frank Kunz (section 33)1. The location of the building was to be at the northern extremity of the newly formed district where many of the farm homes were situated. It was built on the present County Trunk Q, about a mile West of Fischerville and two miles north of Kings Bridge. The school has been identified as the Fischerville School by residents of this and the surrounding communities. Fischerville School Location

In 1919 the school was named the River View School because of the view of the West Twin River which flows past the school. Immediately after the first meeting preparations were made to build. The school was constructed of cement blocks and cost $3,300 when completed. It has a full basement and a main floor of one class room and the usual entry and cloak rooms. It has always remained a one-room rural school.

School began in October in the fall of 1914. Roy Sievert, recently deceased, was the first teacher. His salary at that tinme was $48.00 a month. He was succeeded after two years by Henry Kliment, who now operates a store and tavern at Brockville. The other teachers who taught this school were: Emily Shimek, Ed. Ramesh, Germaine Sinkular, Kathryn Z. Wirtz, Norma F. Stueck, Esther Schroeder, Eugene Peroutka, Elsie Maas, Lester Kornely, George McKeough, Virginia Brandl, and Ruby Skarda.

About twenty-five pupils were enrolled the first year of school. The greatest number enrolled was 47 while the smallest number was eight. The present enrollment averages ten pupils. The small enrollment now is due to the fact that many older residents now reside in the district and due to other factors.

In 1920, the school board set aside a certain sum yearly to be used for prizes to be given at the school fairs which were held each fall. The people of the district exhibited choice selections of fruits, vegetables, and grains, while the pupils had their school work on display. In 1922 a box social was held in the schoolhouse. The money derived from the affair was used to purchase a victrola. During the years from 1920 to 1925, hot lunches were served to the pupils for dinner.

In its thirty-four years of existence the school has had only eleven of its patrons serve on the school board. Those who served in addition to the first ones named above were: Anton Kettner, Frank Kunz, Anton Rozum, Ed. Chaloupka, James W. Kunz, Henry Zeman, Wencil Kouba, Geo. Mott. Anton Kettner, Anton Rozum, and James Kunz have served from fifteen to twenty-five years.

The district has little in the way of scenic or historical interest. The West Twin River affords the residents fishing and camping sites. The area is rich in gravel deposits which are used extensively in county and town road building projects.

Fischerville, once a popular gathering place, has gone the way of many other early villages.


Source: Extracted from 1848 – 1948 Centennial History of the Manitowoc County School Districts and Public School System
Edited by Jos. J. Rappel, County Superintendent of Schools 1948

1Frank Kunz Jr. was married to Rose Honzik. Rose was sister to Mary Honzik. Mary is Ellen-s Great Great Grandmother married to William Chaloupka Sr.

Note: The school building still exists. It is on the corner of Hwy Q and Fisherville (Fischerville) Rd. just south of Larrabee.

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