Jambo Creek Church-Gibson

Town of Gibson

Reverend J.A. OTTESON, a pastor from Norway called to the First Lutheran Church in Manitowoc, established a small mission church in Jambo Creek in the Town of Gibson around 1856. In 1863, the church was established at the home of Lars Olson. Rev. Ludvig Marinus BIRN was appointed the first pastor. In 1872, it was decided to build the first church building. They chose a site at the top of a hill overlooking the Jambo Creek Valley. A cemetery had already been made here, the property owned by Peder Hanson, near Jambo Creek.

The church was white frame building with a steeple. There were three plain glass Gothic-arched windows on one side, the door opened to the east. At the same time, the small congregation in Mishicot joined Gibson, for a total of 198 confirmed members. In 1875, the congregation officially purchased the land from Peder Hanson at a cost of $1.00.

Reverend BIRN served the church until 1879 when he was succeeded by Rev. Martin Pederson RUH, a temporary pastor from Manitowoc. In 1880, Rev. Ole Gunderson JUKAM became pastor. Shortly after that, a brick parsonage was built. Rev. JUKAM served until 1896, after which the congregation was without a resident pastor for 16 years.

In 1912, the few remaining members of the Norwegian Lutheran church asked Rev. Edward Frederick ZELL of St. Peter’s in Mishicot to serve as their pastor. Rev. Zell accepted and the church joined the German Lutheran Joint Synod of Wisconsin. Reverend Zell held services, two Sundays a month. In the summer at 7:00 a.m. and in winter at 2:00 p.m.

The congregation disbanded in 1949. The few remaining members joined St. Peter’s in Mishicot. The church records can be found there. The cemetery still remains.

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