Rangeline and Sandy Hill View Schools

Two Rivers Dist. #1 – Sandy Hill View

Sandy Hill View School was built in 1898. It was approximately 34 by 24 feet, and made of brick. It was located in the SW corner of the SW1/4, of the SW1/4, Section 19, Range 25 East, Town 20 North.

Mr. Fred Luebke was the first teacher in the district, and taught for 4 or 5 years. He lived about ½ mile from school with the Matt Kimmes family, and paid $8.00 a month room and board.

The first enrollment was 26 pupils. The greatest number ever enrolled was 33. The highest enrollment was between the years 1903-1910. From 1940-1942 it was necessary to close the school because enrollment dropped below 10 pupils. The students were then transported to the Tannery school for one year and Rangeline the next year. In 1942, the school reopened with an enrollment of 14 pupils.

The school was one of the very few to have single seats and real slate blackboards. A school was also considered properly equipped if it had a stage, and Sandy Hill and one across the front of the room. Pupils were taught reading, writing, arithmetic, physiology and language. Singing was always a part of the lesson plan.

Some of the other teachers were Charles Chizek, Pearl Kelly, Freda Heinz, Alma Zander, Erma Gostopherson and Mae Brievogel.

The Sandy Hill View School closed in 1958.


Two Rivers Dist. #6- Rangeline

Rangeline is named so because it is located on both side of the range line, between townships 24 and 25 East. It is in the N1/2 of the N1/4 of Section 13, Town 20 N, Range 24E.

The one acre of land was purchased in 1862 for $2.00.

The first schoolhouse was 20 by 26 feet, and was made of logs. The school would not be completed in time for the winter session, so it was decided that classes would be held in a room at the home of Franz Heyne. Classes were held from October to January. Caroline Volk was the first teacher, and was paid $75.00 for three months term of 22 days per month. The school house took from 1863 to 1865 to construct. The land owners in the district agreed to build the school themselves. In 1878, the first Rangeline school was destroyed by fire.

The second Rangeline School was built in 1878 by Herman Witte for a cost of $373.68. The original building was 20 by 24 feet, and had three long windows on the long side. In 1898, enrollment increased so much that an addition of 20 by 30 feet was added to the west end of the school. A list of teachers who taught at Rangeline School before 1906 were: Caroline Volk 1862-65, Susanna Meyer 1865-68, Christian Trautman 1868-71, Mary Walsh 1872-74, Charlotte Flynn 1874-78, Fred Damler 1878-80, Otto Weigand 1880-81, Wilhelmina Berger 1881-82, Cora Buhm 1882-84, Hattie Siems 1884-88, Tina Arnemann 1889-90, Felix Walsh 1890-91, Martha Sechrist 1892-95, Sophia Jens 1895-99, Ernest Ferman 1899-1900, August Nimmer 1900-01, Otto Engel 1901-02, Louis Levenhagen 1902-03 and H.C. Wilke 1903-06.

The first well was drilled in 1892 and was 15 feet deep. In 1903, the second well was drilled and lasted until 1913, when it went dry, and then a third well was drilled. In 1940, water was piped into the school from the home of William Monk who lived to the north of the school. A storm shed was added to hold the pupils overshoes and coats.

The district needed to purchase a ½ acre of property for the children to play on without breaking school windows or damaging neighbors crops. It was purchased from Mr. Vogeltanz for $100.00.

A souvenir pamphlet titled “History of Rangeline School” by Mrs. Josephine Guetschow dated 1945 gives a more detailed history.

Rangeline School was closed in 1961.

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