Jindra Ancestors

In April 2001 Mike Jindra contracted with Pathfinders to do research in the Czech republic.
The requests were:

a) find the birth record of Jiri jindra who emigrated in 1868 and his siblings
b) find father’s birth records and his siblings.

a) It was not possible to search Jiri Jindra’s birth record in 1860 and his siblings because birth records stored in Plzen go only up to 1847 (after 1847 they are still stored at a local office). Only one sibling was found who died in 1865.

b) Jiri Jindra was born as an unlegitimate child in 1831. His siblings were found too.

The researcher was able to follow the Jindra family several generations back into the past, even with some marriage and death records. The marriage record of Jiri Jindra and Marie Krcmarika was not found in the register of marriages.

Descendants of Tomas Jindra

Tomas Jindra was born about 1756. Tomas was a bauer (farmer). He died on 6 Nov 1815 in Miletice #31 (Czechoslovakia) formerly Bohemia about age 59, and was buried on 8 Nov 1815 in Dlazov Cemetery. He died of Verstopfung (retention).

Note from Ellen: Miletice is the village name. Each house in a village had a number. Often times many generations lived in the same small house. You will notice Miletice #31 mentioned frequently throughout this section. It was not uncommon for a child to be born out of wedlock. This was often due to no church availability in the area or the husband to be had to prove he could provide for the family before the marriage was allowed.

Tomas married Klara Riba. Klara was born about 1752, died on 14 Jun 1824 in Miletice #31 (Czechoslovakia) about age 72, and was buried on 16 Jun 1824 in Dlazov Cemetery. She died of Altersschwache (high age/weakness). They had at least two children: Adam and Josef.

  1. Josef died May 13/15 1806 in Miletice #31 at age 8. Cause of death was listed as Frissel (German measels). The father of this child is listed as Tomas Jindra, Bauer in Miletice. The age of the child seems very young based on his mother’s age. She would have been 46 when he was born. This could be the grandchild of the Tomas listed above.
  2. Adam Jindra was born about 1780, died on 18 Apr 1833 in Miletice #31 about age 53, and was buried on 20 Apr 1833 in Dlazov Cemetery.
    Adam married Marie Janda, daughter of deceased Josef Janda and Dorota ???, on 22 Nov 1802 in Hvizdalka #7 (Czechoslovakia). (Prior to his death Josef Janda was the head of a farm possessed by nobility.) Karel Jindra (farmer in Miletice)and Jan Mayer (peasant in Hvizdalka) were witnesses at the wedding. Adam was 20 years old, Marie 24. Marie was born about 1781, died on 3 Dec 1826 in Miletice #31 about age 45, and was buried on 6 Dec 1826 in Dlazov Cemetery. Cause of death was Lungenentzundung (pneumonia). They had eight known children:

    1. Vaclav Jindra was born on 5 Dec 1804 in Hvizdalka #7. A certificate of baptism was issued for Vaclav on Feb. 22, 1852. Vaclav married Marie Straka from Miletice, daughter of Michal Straka and Eleonora Veselak, on 14 Feb 1832 in Miletice. The couple were married with permission of the bride’s father. Marie was born about 1810. They had eight children all born in Miletice #31:
      1. Georg, b. July 26/27, 1831 (illegitimate child). The child was later legitimated by the marriage of Vaclav and Marie.
      2. Dorota, b. Nov. 13/14, 1833, no further information
      3. Kasper, b. Feb. 19/20, 1836, d. May 24, 1836; funeral May 26; death due to ecclampsia infantum
      4. Marie, b. June 31/31, 1837, no further information
      5. Josef, b. March 15/15, 1840, no further information
      6. Antonin, b. June 15/1, 1842, certificate of baptism done in 1865. Antonin married Anna Duda in the parish of Dlazav on Oct. 19, 1909.
      7. Vaclav, b. Oct. 15/15, 1844, died May 14, 1846; funeral was on May 16. Cause of death was Lugenentzundung (pneumonia).
      8. Frantisek, b. Oct. 11/11, 1846. His certificate of baptism to America was issued in 1866. Two years prior to his brother’s arrival.
    2. Dorota Jindry was born on 15 Jun 1806 in Hvizdalka #7, died on 24 Feb 1824 at age 17, and was buried on 26 Feb 1824. Cause of death Seitenstechen (pneumonia).
    3. Jakub Jindra was born on 31 Jan 1810 in Hvizdalka #7. No futher information is available.
    4. Marie Anna Jindry was born on 19 Feb 1811 in Miletice #31. Her certificate of baptism was issued on June 11, 1850; on March 26, 1852.
    5. Jiri Jindra was born on 28 Apr 1813 in Miletice #31, died on 23 Jul 1829 in Miletice at age 16. Cause of death was Abzehrung (consumption). He was buried on 25 Jul 1829.
    6. Anna Jindry was born on 5 Jul 1815 in Miletice #31 and died on 11 Sep 1815 in Miletice #31. Her cause of death was listed as Frais (ecclampsia infantum). She was buried on 13 Sep 1815.
    7. Jan Jindra was born on 2 Sep 1816 in Miletice #31. No futher information is available.
    8. Anna Jindry was born on 2 May 1821 in Miletice #31. She died on 19 Mar 1822 in Miletice #31. Her cause of death was also listed as Frais (ecclampsia infantum). She was buried was buried on 21 Mar 1822.

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