The Meineke Family

by Michael Jindra
additional details courtesy of Marilyn Rohr and Ellen M. Rohr

[The Meineke Family connects to the Jindra family through Leona, a daughter of Charles Peter Meineke and Wilhelmina Maria Schmidt.  Leona married Alvin Schmidt, son of George Jindra Jr.]

Johann Meineke and Katherine Wilhelmine (Schick) Meineke

JOHANN MEINEKE came to the US in 1848. He was originally from Hanover in Germany. He married Catherine Wilhelmine SCHICK, she from Partenheim, west of Darmstadt. They met in Buffalo, NY, where they lived until 1858 when they moved to Two Rivers. On April 21, 1879 they bought 200 acres on Hwy. 42 North of Two Rivers for $1200 from Wm. & Sophia Harry.

Katherine Wilhelmine (Schick) was the daughter of John Peter Schick and Phillipine Katherine Gebhardt. Phillipine, gave birth to 13 children, and died in Partenheim in 1845 while giving birth to a 14th child, at age 45. Katherine was born about 1830. She died sometime after 1880. She is believed to buried next to her husband in Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers, close to Forest Avenue. Cemetery transcriptions do not show her burial.

John served in the Civil War. He enlisted as a private on 11 March 1865 in Company G, 51st Wisconsin Infantry regiment. He mustered out on 6 May 1865. The six original companies of this regiment were organized at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, in Feb., March and April, 1865, and then sent to Benton barracks, St. Louis.

The companies were then ordered to Warrensburg, Mo. for railroad guard duty. They were stationed at Pleasant Hill. Company G was discharged on May 6, 1865 under general orders for reduction of the army.

The original strength of the regiment was 841. They gained 2 additional by recruitment. There were 8 loss by death; 87 by desertion; 34 discharged; 714 mustered out.

Johann died in May 3, 1882 in Chicago while receiving medical treatment. The obituary published in the local Chronicle newspaper noted that he had a large funeral. He is buried in the Pioneers’ Rest cemetery in Two Rivers.

The Children of Johann and Katherine (Schick) Meineke: are:

  1. Louisa Catherine Meineke (1856-1879)
  2. Heinrich Meineke (1857-1900)
  3. Wilhelmine Caroline (Meineke) Wetenkamp (1860-1944)
  4. Charles Peter Meineke (1861-1920)
  5. Maria Elizabeth (Meineke) Schaefer (1864-unknown)
  6. William W. Meineke (abt 1874-unknown)

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