Charles Peter Meineke

by Michael Jindra
additional information from Marilyn Rohr and Ellen M. Rohr

Charles Peter and Wilhelmina Maria (Schmidt) Meineke

CHARLES PETER MEINEKE was born 2 Sep 1861 in Manitowoc County, His parents were Johann Meineke and Catherine (Schick) Meineke. On 7 Apr 1890 he married WILHELMINA MARIA SCHMIDT. She was known as Minnie. Charles purchased land and had a dairy farm near Two Rivers. He hauled milk to a cheese factory just north of the farm on 42.

Minnie (Schmidt), was born to Johann Joachim and Dorothea (Gartz) Schmidt on 23 Aug 1867 near Two Rivers.

Charles died in a farm accident on 23 Aug 1920 and is buried in Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers. Minnie moved to Two Rivers shortly after his death. Their son, Erhardt Meineke, bought this home after Minnie died, and lived there until his death in 1993.

The children of Charles Peter Meineke and Minnie (Schmidt):

  1. Leona K. Meineke (1891-1959)
  2. Nora Meineke (1892-1973)
  3. Erwin H. Meineke (1894-1961)
  4. Raymond Philip Meineke (1895-1985)
  5. Esther M. Meineke (1897-1973)
  6. Herbert Herman Meineke (1899-1978)
  7. William Meineke (1901-1982)
  8. Harold Meineke (1902-1987)
  9. Erhardt Meineke (1906-1993)

Many of this generation, such as the Meineke’s fought in World War I.

Erwin and his wife Hilda lived in an apartment on the north side of Chicago at 2105 Byron St. He also directed the construction of the Two Rivers post office.

Erhardt Meineke also spent time in Chicago, and married Viola Hels there before moving back to TR.

The father of Raymond Meineke’s wife Elvira (Ahrens) had a farm on the north side of Two Rivers, near Tannery Rd. by the river. Around 1930, they turned the farm into Fairview/Emerald Hills golf course. The Meineke brothers played lots of golf there, along with relative Bud Stoer, and the Jindra boys (Al, Roy, Dan) also learned to golf there.

Another Meineke, Esther and her husband Dwight Holsopple ended up in Palm Beach CA, where she was a nanny to an actor Erich Von Stroheim. Dwight was a fireman.

(For more details on the Meineke family history, see the information compiled by Marilyn Rohr that was distributed to relatives around 1980.).

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