The Radej Family

written by Ellen M. Rohr

[The Radej family connects to the Jindra family through Anna Jindra.  Anna Jindra was the daughter of George Jindra Sr. and Mary Krcmarika.  She married Wencel Tuma.  Anna and Wencel had a daughter Lillian who married Peter Radej.]

PETER RADEJ was born 29 Jun 1847 in Bohemia. He arrived in came to this country about 1868 and lived out the rest of his life in Manitowoc County. On July 4, 1870 he married Anna (Herlik) Wanish, daughter of Jiri and Maria Herlik.

The couple lived on a farm near Kellnersville, Manitowoc county. He drove teams of oxen to Manitowoc with grain and other farm produce. in his later years he lived in the various homes of his children.

Anna Herlik was born 6 Feb 1848 in Chotimer No. 13, Bohemia. She arrived in America 27 Jun 1867 on the ship Orpheus. She first married Wenzel Wanish 23 May 1868 in Cooperstown, Manitowoc County. Wenzel is believed to have died in an accident on 10 April 1869 on a return trip from Minnesota. There was one child born of this marriage. Anna was born 29 Jun 1869 and died 30 Sept 1870. Anna died 27 Mar. 1912.

Peter passed away at the home of his daughter Mary Stangel, 9 Oct. 1929, in Carlton Township, Kewaunee County.

Through the years, some of the family members changed their surname spelling from Radej to Radey.

Children of Peter and Anna (Herlik) Radey:

  1. Anna Wanish
  2. Mary Radej
  3. Mathias Radej
  4. Joseph Thomas Radey
  5. John J. Radey
  6. Emil Anton Radey
  7. Anna Radey
  8. Frank Radej
  9. Mary E. Radey

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