Anna Wanish

We imagine Anna Wanish a sweet little girl who lived a short tragic life.

Anna Wanish was the daughter of Anna Herlik (daughter of Jiri Herlik and Maria Radej) and Wenzel Wanish (son of Frank Wanish and Marie Jenc).

Wenzel and Anna were married 23 May 1868 in Cooperstown, Manitowoc County. Shortly after they were married Wenzel died. We have a death date for him of 10 April 1869, however, we don’t know how or where he passed. We believe he had an accident on his way back from his brother’s home (Mathias) in Sauk Centre, MN.

Anna (Herlik) Radey, Wenzel’s wife, was with child at the time of his death. Young Anna was born 29 Jun 1869 in Cooperstown.

Anna (Herlik) Wanish then married Peter Radej 4 Jul 1870. A short time afterwards, 30 Sep 1870, young Anna died and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

No headstone can be found for young Anna. She is probably buried in Greenstreet Cemetery or St. Joseph’s Cemetery.


Mary Radej

We don’t know much about Mary Radej. She also lived a short life. She appeared in the 1880 Census and was listed as 8 years old. She did not appear in the 1885 State Census.

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