The Schick Family

written by Marilyn Rohr

[Catherine Schick married Johann Meineke.  Their granddaughter Leona Meineke married Alvin Jindra.]

John Peter Schick, came to America  in 1848, with five grown daughters, from Partenheim, Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany.  His wife, Phillipine Katherine Gebhardt, whom he married in 1818, died at age 48, in 1845, in childbirth.  Seven children had died before, one with mother, and one nine days later.  John and his daughters all settled in Buffalo, New York.

The daughters were Christina (married Gottleib Schmelzer).  They would visit the Meineke’s in Wisconsin).  Also Dorothea Miller and Marie Koehm.  One daughter, Elizabeth Kunsdorf, also died in childbirth, leaving a son, John, and a daughter, later named Sister Mary, Lady of Charity.  Their father, being a drinker, was unable to care for them, so they were put in a Catholic orphanage.  during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, she was assigned to a girl’s orphanage in Green Bay and would often visit relatives in our area.

Daughter Katherine W. Schick (called Catherine) married Johann (John) Meineke (1827-1882), of Hanover, Germany in Buffalo, New York about 1854.  Four years later, they came to Wisconsin with two young children, Louisa Catherine and Henry. (more about the Meineke family)

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