The Family of August Jonas

August and Sophia (Schroeder) Jonas, settled in the town of Two Rivers, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin in 1852. August and Sophia were quite an elusive couple; not appearing in many official documents. August did file a declaration of intent on the 4th of November 1856 in Manitowoc County. To the best of our knowledge they do not appear in the 1855 or 1865 State census or the 1860 or 1870 Federal Census.

In 1868 August purchased land in section 2 in the town of Two Rivers. He is listed as a party in a land mortgage dated July 6, 1868 whereby August, Jacob Mohr, Nicholaus Stein and Heinrich Funk took out a mortgage with the German Bank. Subsequent notes dated July 1869 state that the mortgage was concluded. The mortgage was for property located at on the SW quarter of NE quarter and the SE quarter of the NE quarter of section 2 town of Two Rivers. Each of the parties owned 20 acres. There was no road on the property. The document states to work on the road until it is in pavable condition. August still owned this property in 1872. In 1875, August built a brick home on the property according to an article written in the Manitowoc County Chronicle.

August Jonas, a well-to-do farmer living about three miles northeast of Mishicott, is engaged, at present in building a handsome brick residence on his farm. ( The Manitowoc County Chronicle June 1, 1875)

By 1878, the property in section 2 was sold. August Jonas had sold out to M Geir, Funk and Stein had sold out to Beduhn. Being only a 20 acre parcel they probably sold it in favor of purchasing a larger parcel which their son Fred could help operate.

On September 26 1877, August entered into a property purchase agreement with John and Mary Grumann whereas August purchased 39 acres of real estate in the NW quarter of the SW quarter of section 36, Town of Two Rivers. One acre of this 40 acre parcel was sold to John Oswald. August paid $300 for the property at a 7% per annum. The payments were to be made under the following terms, one hundred dollars May 1, 1879; second payment, May 1, 1880; last payment May 1, 1881.

The couple lived here until 1879 when they purchased a parcel of land located in section 26 in the Town of Two Creeks from their son Friedrich.

There were six known children born to August and Sophia. Four of the children were born in Manitowoc County, their births were not registered until Dec. 1871. For many years I have been unable to locate most of the siblings of Friedrich Jonas.  In April 2015, I had a break through; thanks to new information coming available on the internet.

  1. Friedrich Theodor Jonas, born on 18 Jan 1849 in Kittendorf, Stavenhagen
  2. Johann Christian Theodor, b. 16 Jan 1852, Kittendorf.  It is believed that this child died very young.
  3. Henriette Joanne Wilhelmine, Jun. 1, 1855 Manitowoc County.   According to the testimony of Fred Jonas for Henry Jonas probate. 1916:  Minnie Jonas would have been sixty-two years of age on the first day of June, 1916, if she were living.
  4. Heinrich (Known as Henry Jones), b. Jan 6, 1958, Manitowoc County.  Henry moved to Montana where he was a gold prospector in the Yellowstone River.
  5. John, b. abt 1861 and we believe he moved south sometime after 1891, after his parents died.  An article in the Two Rivers Reporter dated Feb. 14, 1934 (just a few month’s before Fred’s death) states the following:
    “Fred Jonas was greatly surprised one day of last week when his brother John Jonas came to see him. They haven’t seen each other for 43 years. Mr. Jonas is residing in Louisiana.”  
  6. Anna Maria (known as Mary), b. June 1, 1866. Mary Jonas is as a servant girl working for the Joseph Bowey family as a servant in the 1880 census. She also appears in the school attendance records October 4 1880 thru January 28 1881. She married and moved to Wausau.  See more on Mary.

We don’t know for sure when August or Sophia died. We can find no death registration or burial information for either of the couple. August died before Sept. 1890, Sophia before Jun 1895 (she does not appear on the 1895 census).

Testimony of Fred Jonas for Henry Jonas probate. 1916

The affiant’s father and mother prior to their death lived with the affiant on his farm in the town of Two Creeks, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, where affiant has ever since resided and still resides; that affiant’s father died about twenty-seven years ago [1889] and affiant’s mother died about twenty-four years ago on said farm [1891].

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