Herman Jonas

Herman Jonas was the son of Fred and Minnie (Sporleder) Jonas. He was born in December 1884.

Little is known about Herman. He moved out west and was listed in the 1910 living in Pierce County, North Dakota (Township 157, District 147). Fred, John and Herman are listed as partners on a farm there. Herman is single. They owned the farm property and it was free from mortgage.

Herman is listed in a mortgage executed by Emil Jonas (the youngest son) in May of 1919 with his parents, where provisions were made to pay the children of said Frederick and Wilhelmenia Jonas within 6 months of death the sum of $200.

In his father’s obituary he is listed as living in Minnesota.

A letter was found in the County Court of Manitowoc County which states the following:

In the matter of the Estate of Herman Jonas, deceased.

To the heirs of Herman Jonas:

The only property that has come into the hands of the undersigned administrator is the sum of $200.00, payable out of the bond of maintenance held by his father and mother. This money has been collected. The administrator filed a final account as follows:

Total Receipts $200.00
Total Disbursements
Printer’s fees 7.45
Certified copy and recording fees 2.00
Administrator’s fees:
Commission $10.00
3 days time at $1.50 4.50 14.50
Dicke & Fischer, Attorney fees 26.05
Total Disbursements 50.00
Balance for Distribution 150.00

Herman Jonas left eight brothers and sisters so that the share of each brother or sister will be $18.75. The share of Lena Vitt must again be divided into five parts so that each one of her heirs will get $3.75. As soon as all the heirs send receipts like the enclosed to the Two Rivers Savings Bank, at Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the money will be awarded to them. Please sign the receipt and send it to the Two Rivers Savings Bank for collection.

Emil Jonas

July ____, 1935

According to this account the surviving siblings of Herman at the time of his death were:


The eighth sibling is Lena. John is not mentioned. We can surmise that he was either written out of the maintenance agreement or he passed prior to 191 when the agreement was executed.

Another document indicates that he may have spent his last days in Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minnesota.

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