Louis Jonas

Ludwig Carl Jonas was born November 20, 1977 is the third son of Fred and Minnie (Sporleder) Jonas. He was known as Louis. He grew up and was sparsely educated in Two Creeks School District #2.

As a young man looking for work, he moved to Sheboygan and worked in a chair factory for a short time. He later moved to Rib Lake, Taylor county, Wisconsin, where he met and married his wife, Laura Jues. They were farmers. He often went out with his mates to hunt rabbits. On Nov. 26, 1907, his commrades came in to find Louis’ lunch pail and coat hanging. They didn’t think anything of it until that evening when Louis failed to return. They put out a search party but failed to find him. Louis had disappeared.

In Feb. 1908 (a couple months later), Andrew Berg was out hunting in the vicinity of what is known as Case’s homestead and in following a wolf trail he came upon the body of a dead man. He notified the authorities at once and an inquest was ordered by the district attorney. The man was identified as Louis Jonas. The body was found one mile southeast from where he worked with his companions in November. It appeared he committed suicide, however, the family believes he was murdered. He is said to have lived in peace with his family. His death is recorded as November 30, 1907 (4 days after his disappearance). He was buried in Rib Lake Cemetery.

At the time of his death, he was the father of one child, Florence. In March 1908 a second child was born. His wife Laura named her Irene.

Laura (Juse) Jonas remarried to Carl Ziemke. Carl raised Florence and Irene as his own. The couple had another 6 children.

Laura died Aug. 1, 1921. Irene died in 1991; Florence in 2004.

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