John Jones

John Jones was born in Wisconsin.  No official birth or baptism documentation has yet been found from him.  Based on the 1870 census he was born about 1861.  Later dates found range from October 1859-October 1864.  

In his brother Henry’s probate records John gave testimony that he left home October 18, 1880. This was probably just after his birthday. His brother, Fred, had just purchased the farm from his father the year before. John not seeing any future in the area, moved away. By the 1890s he had moved to Montrose, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Further research needs to be done in Louisiana records to prove or disprove the following information:

He moved to Louisiana about 1891. It is believed that John married three times.

Marriage I: 27 October 1894 to Tichee Booty.
Tichee was born about 1874 in Louisiana and is believed to have died about 1895. One child was born to this marriage:

1. Clarence Jones. b/ May 1895, Louisiana.

Marriage II: 28 June 1896, Natchitoches, LA to Sarah Jane Graham. Sarah Jane was also known as Sallie.

Sallie was born 1 Jun 1873 in Louisiana and died between 1900 and 1901. Two children were born to this marriage.

2. John Jones Jr. born 24 Dec. 1896, Montrose, Natchitoches, LA.
3. Samuel Jones born abt Sept. 1898, Louisiana.

Marriage III: 19 Sept. 1901, Louisiana to Relia Ruthie Thompson.

Relia was born 29 October 1882 in Louisiana and died 1 Feb. 1982.

Eight children were born to this couple:

4. Clementine Jones, born about 1902
5. Willie Jones, born about 1906, Louisiana
6. Emma Jones, born about 1908
7. Mary Jones, born about 1910-11, Louisiana
8. Louis Edward Jones, born 14 Aug 1912, Louisiana
9. Freddie Jones, born about 1915, Louisiana
10. Henry Jones, born about 1918, Louisiana
11. Homer Jones, born about 1920, Louisiana

An article in the Two Rivers Reporter dated Feb. 14, 1934 just prior to John’s death states the following:
“Fred Jonas was greatly surprised one day of last week when his brother John Jonas came to see him. They haven’t seen each other for 43 years. Mr. Jonas is residing in Louisiana.”

John returned to Louisiana and died, 18 April 1934 in Montrose, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Fred died in September.

We believe John is buried in the Provencal Cemetery, Montrose, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

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