Our Families

Dear Jindra relatives:

Welcome to the Jindra family history website. Our site has been put on a “blog” style website, which basically enables you to add your comments, stories and information to what has already been compiled. What this allows is for other branches of the family to add their own material also, and allows you to add material on your branch (including filling in info in between what we’ve already added).

You’ll notice some info already has been added. Several years ago, I had a Czech genealogy organization, Pathfinders, do a search on Jindra relatives in Bohemia, so the family has been traced back to the 1600s. Some of that info is reflected on the website. There will be more to come as time permits.

Ellen M. (Chaloupka) Rohr (a descendant of George Jindra Sr.) and a professional genealogist, has put this material on the website (thanks!) from her research over the years and has added some of the Jindra collateral lines. The information on the George and Mary Lenhardt family tree was written by me based on interviews I’ve done since 1990.

It would be great if others added to our stories and pictures. One or two things you remember or whole histories would be a great addition. We welcome your input, but ask that you have permission of any living persons before you add their info online.

Michael Jindra